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The Macallan and James Bond are bound together by our shared Scottish heritage, innovative nature and the pursuit of excellence. We have created a remarkable collection comprising six limited edition bottles inspired by each of The Six Decades of Bond, telling the story of innovation over 60 years and the pioneering character attributes of James Bond and The Macallan.

The packaging of each bottle features an original illustrative design and colour to denote the decade it represents. The distinctive artwork brings to life the creative development process of the films in a behind the scenes exploration of the James Bond archives.



The MACALLAN - 麥卡倫 James Bond 60th Anniversary Release Decade I-VI (Full set, 700ml x6)

麥卡倫和詹姆斯邦德因共同的蘇格蘭傳統、創新天性和追求卓越而結緣。 他們創造了一個非凡的系列,包括六款限量版酒瓶,靈感均來自邦德的六個十年,講述了 60 多年來的創新故事以及詹姆斯邦德和麥卡倫的開拓性性格特徵。

每個瓶子的包裝都採用原創的說明性設計和顏色來表示它所代表的十年。 獨特的藝術作品在詹姆斯邦德檔案的幕後探索中將電影的創作發展過程栩栩如生。

Macallan James Bond 60th Anniversary Decade 1-6


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