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Suntory’s The Hakushu Sherry Cask single malt whiskey (2014) is an edition worthy of any true appreciator of Japanese blended liquor, full of a mixture of light and heavy peated malts for a vibrantly full-bodied expression. 
Bottled in 2014 (Limited of 3000 Bottles Only)


First aroma that definitely can tell is from high rank European sherry oak cask , rich in citrus , apricot , dry fruit , cassis jam , black berry , plum , raisin , butter , dark chocolate , toffee ,it’s an elegant and clean one. 
Taste : 

Rich in mouth, spice , slightly gunpowder , ripe orange , dark plum and date, dry fruit , smooth body it’s from the oak release butter and nutty flavor.

Long, very jammy, ripe fruity, red raisin, espresso and cocoa.

Hakushu Sherry Cask 2014


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