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In 2016 Lagavulin celebrated its 200th anniversary producing several limited-edition bottlings, including this 25-year-old expression. 



The nose was very rich and sweet. There were hints of honey and caramel right off the bat. A good amount of sherry and butterscotch. It did not burn, as we know other Lagavulin’s do because of their peat. It was very pleasant. 


On the first note, you’ll taste caramel, sweet thick caramel, followed by light spicy sherry and oak. Oily dark chocolate and a nice amount of smoked peat. It’s not an overpowering peat, but it lingers there long enough to taste it at the back of the palate. It’s also very savory with almost like prosciutto or smoked meat on the end. 


Very long, rich, complex yet elegant. It’s hard to believe it’s all of those things at once, but it sure is. Oak, dark chocolate, nutty spices roll so delicately across your tongue, that you want it to remain there forever. It ends with a bit of nice heat and dark cherries. Very pleasant. 

Lagavulin 25 Year Old 200 Years Anniversary Limited Edition


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