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HTML;. Alfonso Ortega Castro; Carlos García Rubio; Gerardo Herrera; Jesús Alberto Rodríguez; Fermín Álvarez; Arturo Rosales; Fernando Alonso Hidalgo. Download. 1e. Alfonso Ortega Castro - Book_planeacion Financiera Estrategica 1ed.pdf. Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The book Book _planeacion Financiera Estrategica 1ed.pdf is available for free reading on the internet, it is available in formats such as PDF, DjVu, txt, rtf, wpd, xps, doc. The eBook Book _planeacion Financiera Estrategica 1ed.pdf can be read online. You can read this book in full on our website, online library, Google Book Library, Apple Book Store, More Books, Google Books, Free Ebook. Publisher: Incorporacion TEP - El Colegio de Postgraduados, Alfonso Ortega Castro; Edit. Language: Español.. Alfonso Ortega Castro - Método de planeación financiera (Book_planeacion Financiera Estrategica 1ed) | Free PDF Books, PDF, Ebook Library.Quantification of the effects of antiplatelet agents on platelet interaction with collagen-coated surfaces. Antithrombotic therapy should always be performed within a rational and objective framework, based on the optimal control of the risk of thrombotic events. We examined the effects of antiplatelet agents on platelet adhesion and thrombus formation by using a well-established laboratory model that mimics in vivo situations. A series of 16 patients with high-risk vascular intervention undergoing stent implantation was included in the study. Each patient was given acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) (100 mg/day) for 6 months before the intervention. Three groups of patients were studied: group I, patients given ASA; group II, patients given ASA and cilostazol (100 mg/day); group III, patients given ASA and a loading dose of clopidogrel (300 mg). Arterial thrombi were induced with collagen under a venous shear rate of 1,000 s(-1) in the patients. The degree of platelet interaction with the collagen surface was evaluated by




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